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children centreThe Regional Social Organisation "Children's Rights" runs a work with children from at risk families, and orphans. Quite often the children lack adequate adult care and attention. They try to solve their problems in their own way by running away from their homes or from government institutions and as a result they may spend a long time living in the streets sheltering in underground cellars, in the pipe system and wherever they can find shelter, half-starving, sick and often angry at the whole world.

Volunteers from "Children's Rights" meet these children and get acquainted with them in the streets, taking them out of basements and taking them to the day centre - a small house in the private sector. Here they are washed, fed, and given medical care. Material and spiritual support are given to the children.

rehabilitation workshopWe attempt to return children to their homes and schools and give them educational and moral support for their school studies. We try to resolve conflict situations in their families and work with parents and other family members to restore contact with the children, teaching parents how to care for and support their children. To our deep regret, progress in this sphere is very slow, but we have already seen encouraging and hopeful changes in some families.

It is hard to work with teenagers who feel they have been forgotten by their families for long years, who have lost hope of returning to a normal family life. They need to relearn from the very beginning how to speak in normal ways, how to read, how to communicate with others around them. In our rehabilitation workshop, young men and women are given help and support to study and gain work skills and good working habits.

We also run daily classes in our day centre teaching health and hygiene, Christian moral and ethical principles for life, drawing and handcrafts, sport, drama and folk dancing, and English language groups. We organise holiday programmes for children, games, excursions, hikes, and summer